Sweet Lou's Custom Bakery

Frequently Asked Questions

how much is a cake?

pricing for cakes depends on size, flavor choices and extent of decoration.  cakes are priced on an individual basis-please inquire for pricing.

when should i place my order?

the earlier the better!  if you know of an event coming up, it is best to get on the calendar right away as slots can fill quickly.  we typically book 2-3 weeks in advance with weekends filling quicker and further out, especially during wedding season, holidays and large area events.

i have dietary restrictions, can you make me a dessert?

absolutely!  we specialize in providing desserts for everyone to enjoy!  however, we do warn that we do not have a separate kitchen or equipment so if you have severe allergies, you are consuming at your own risk.

have more questions?? 

please contact us and we will try to answer them!

Also check out our policies page!

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